New beginnings


His new apartment doesn’t have much furniture yet. It’s just been two weeks.

After the park and beach on Saturday, we got a bunch of QFC sushi and headed home. We sat on the floor. Our table was a cardboard box with a plastic rubbermaid lid over the top.

We ate our sushi and we toasted.

To new beginnings.

I told Kari that story.

“I love that image,” she said.

Me too.

Lake 22 hike


Loved this hike.



Julie crashing here after Girls Night, and me singing Luke absentmindedly while making coffee, and not even realizing I was singing aloud until Julie chimed in with me on the chorus.

Because that’s what friends do.




This wall decor in Rake’s new office.



Last five years


But we just talk about / The people we’ve met in the last five years / And will we remember them in 10 more.”
— Death Cab, “Steadier Footing.”

I don’t miss much about Pullman.

I’ve now been in SnoCo longer than I lived in Pullman, which is weird to think about.

So much of that town, that experience, that life, was age-related, youth-related.

One exception comes to mind: The library.

I had this special spot in the Holland Library. I would go there to study, to kill time, to write. It was the same spot, at first among the nonfiction American political science books, but then they rearranged, and it turned to tax code books, and I didn’t mind.

I read there. I wrote in my journal. I scribbled bad poems. I listened to music, almost always Elliott.

It was a getaway, away from home, away from work, away from the gym, away from everything.

I miss that: the quiet, the privacy, the ability to be undisturbed in the middle of the day — which sounds funny, coming from someone who has now lived alone for 2.5 years.

I miss that setup of uncomfortable chair and desk. Just my notebook, a pen and my headphones. And the quiet.

Life was smaller then, but I didn’t know it yet.

You never do.

Vocab lesson


When I’m reading, whether it’s books or online, I like to look up any words I don’t recognize.

Isn’t it funny, how after you look up a word or term, suddenly you start seeing it everywhere?

Some words I have to look up multiple times before I finally remember them.

Right now I’m reading this book, “Crash,” that I don’t really like. It was supposed to be edgy and counterculture, but to me, it’s just sort of repetitive and … gross. I think it’s supposed to be gross, like maybe that’s the point … but still. I only have 30 or so pages left.

Anyway, the book kept using the term “natal cleft,” and I didn’t know what that meant. I assumed maybe the little indent we all have on our upper lips, under our noses?

I looked it up.

Butt crack.

It means butt crack.


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