Vocab lesson


When I’m reading, whether it’s books or online, I like to look up any words I don’t recognize.

Isn’t it funny, how after you look up a word or term, suddenly you start seeing it everywhere?

Some words I have to look up multiple times before I finally remember them.

Right now I’m reading this book, “Crash,” that I don’t really like. It was supposed to be edgy and counterculture, but to me, it’s just sort of repetitive and … gross. I think it’s supposed to be gross, like maybe that’s the point … but still. I only have 30 or so pages left.

Anyway, the book kept using the term “natal cleft,” and I didn’t know what that meant. I assumed maybe the little indent we all have on our upper lips, under our noses?

I looked it up.

Butt crack.

It means butt crack.

I worked for a year and two summers at the bowling alley in Kennewick as a waitress and cook.

That job involved wiping down tables.
Every time I was cleaning up ketchup, I would think about that line from an old Alan song: “You were wiping off some ketchup on a table that was done.”

It happened a lot.

After awhile, at the time, I mentioned it to my sister, who was working as a bartender and waitress elsewhere in TC.
She confessed: She had the same reaction to wiping up ketchup. It reminded her of the song.
I heard that song the other day.
Alan. Sisters.

  • A new summer song, B&D.
  • The change in Tara over two seasons of SoA.
  • Ice cream cones with the boy the other week at a local farm shop.
  • My birthday dinner. People came! It was lovely.
  • Phone talks with Scarlet.

  • Going to two rodeos in the past two weeks, after two years of no rodeos.
  • Spuddy and me deciding “International Harvester” is our favorite song together.
  • XXL” playing at the rodeo … one of those songs you seem to only hear at rodeos. Until now. Because I just bought it.
  • Crash hot potatoes. Freaking amazing. Again.
  • Realizing Tyler and I have done almost every major hike along the Granite/Verlot stretch of the Mountain Loop, not counting the crazy mountain-climbing ones.
  • Spud, unprompted, explaining rodeo stuff to Tyler.
  • Levi, laughing because me and my sister say the same response at the same time about the same stuff. Really, just spending time with my sister in general.
  • Levi, saying Tyler and I should move in together, and us both responding, at the same time, “We’re talking about it.”
  • Weenie and Nacho chiweenie snuggles.
  • A real Fourth of July, with fireworks and family, in Arlington.
  • Third season Sopranos from the library. V Mars. OITNB. Rake.
  • Phone talks with Scartown.
  • Upcoming birthday-themed hike and dinner with friends.

This is my favorite picture from vacation. It’s not a “good” photo, but I love it.

From left to right, Kevin, Spud and Tyler.

Three of my favorite people, on the Zintel Canyon trail in Kennewick.


The summer after senior year of high school, my friends and I used to go walk the canyon at night. We were good kids, and most of the fun was seeing who got scared and who didn’t. You could always find out who liked each other by who they clung to when there was a strange noise in the dark, which boy offered to put his arm around which girl, which pairs slowed or quickened their gait for private chit-chat.

Kinda silly, but we were teens, in TC.

It was cool to go back, in the daylight, this June.

With people I care about, outside, in the sun, splashing in the creek.

Veronica: “So what are you like now?”
Logan: “You know, tortured?”

— Late season 2 V Mars, summing up my adolescence and my newfound love for Logan.

Pho is one of my favorite things.

I am always torn, though. The former nine years of vegetarianism in my life make me love the veggie pho. Hype tofu! Mushrooms! Vegetables!

At the same time, I want some meat.

Those questionable gray meatballs at pho places? I love ‘em.

I finally found a compromise.

We got pho on Saturday on the Ave.

I got vegetarian pho … plus meatballs … for like a dollar extra.

I like to add so much chili oil and hot sauce that the broth turns red.

Happy girl.


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