There were crimes and quarrels, alongside kindness and cooperation; there were people who loved each other and people who did not; it was a human world.”
— “Ender’s Game,” Orson Scott Card

We climbed Pilchuck on Saturday: me, Tyler, Alex and Alex’ friend Matt. It was still crazy to believe on Sunday, driving home with that peak on the horizon: “Hey Big Dumb Mountain, I have been on your summit THREE times. Take that.”

Honestly, though, it kicked my butt. I work out an OK amount but that hike just wipes me out. I can barely move today. During that last set of switchbacks, I wanted to cry.

So I was on this three-hour hike that became a four-hour hike with three dudes who are all pretty fit and who all have longer legs than me. Especially on hiking descents, my knee problem forces me to go slower. Continue reading ‘Pilchuck in October 2014’

New beginnings


His new apartment doesn’t have much furniture yet. It’s just been two weeks.

After the park and beach on Saturday, we got a bunch of QFC sushi and headed home. We sat on the floor. Our table was a cardboard box with a plastic rubbermaid lid over the top.

We ate our sushi and we toasted.

To new beginnings.

I told Kari that story.

“I love that image,” she said.

Me too.

Lake 22 hike


Loved this hike.



Julie crashing here after Girls Night, and me singing Luke absentmindedly while making coffee, and not even realizing I was singing aloud until Julie chimed in with me on the chorus.

Because that’s what friends do.




This wall decor in Rake’s new office.




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