I was too busy being MOH and didn’t get good wedding pics.

Here’s the rest: Favorite people, favorite places.



Recognizing “Slam” playing in a commercial this past weekend.

Remembering when everyone in TC in high school thought that this one part of a Nelly song was about a Pokemon, which had a move named “Slam,” and us finding out we were all wrong.

It was about that other song.


From Darrington, April 10.


It’s a story that comes up.

Ingenuity is a gift of my mother’s. That technical, power-tool, creative, artsy, able-to-create-beauty and fix-stuff part of her that I wish I had but I don’t. (I’m more … Barfa Stewart.)

We had a washing machine/dryer combo in the trailer we lived in. After awhile, the washer started leaking.

Mom had the fix. She set the whole thing in a big plastic bin. She ran a hose from the bin out the sliding-glass door of our trailer. It drained right outside the front steps.

The bees loved it. There were always bees where the water dripped.

I always hated how the front door wouldn’t close all the way. We used a 2-by-4 to lock it at night, and we’d pop the wood out with our hands or a stick when we got home from school, to let ourselves in.

It was a security system that didn’t do much to quiet frightened thoughts at night, in my twin bed, a scaredy-cat kid just feet from that “door.”

It was a funky setup, but it worked.

So much my mom did just … worked.




A pretty little Elliott song that doesn’t get much attention.

I love this picture from Tyler’s phone, of me taking a photo of my handiwork on Scarlet and Damien’s car.

If you don’t get the reference, you have some homework to do, plz.

Previously shared on FB:

In a rare quiet moment during the wedding last Sunday, I was thinking about the necklace set I was wearing. It was given to me by my Grandma Sandra. It’s a simple thing, and the stones aren’t real, but I’ve worn it to almost every special event since high school. Grandma Sandra died in 2007. I wonder if she knew when she gave me that necklace how many moments of joy it would witness.

During the cake cutting, we all decorated Scarlet’s Subaru with silly string and window markers. The next day, Tyler and I volunteered to clean off the silly string so it wouldn’t etch into the paint while she and Damien are in Hawaii this week.

Scarlet’s Grandma C.R. died last year, and she left her that Subaru.

Last year, it was her Grandma’s car. This year, it was covered in scribbles and silly string to mark an occasion of joy, just like my necklace.

We miss our Grandmas. The love they had for us is still here in the moments that matter.


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