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As you all dutifully know, Peter is we’re working very hard to keep the Evergreen blogs fresh and relevant this semester. Lots of documents, audio, etc. I’m proud of what we’ve done. I’ve been nagging my writers to blog, so I figured I should lead by example. You should all read it, since you savor […]



I LOVE my job. I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something for the paper and for the writers. I’m sure there are complaints once I leave the newsroom, but I have had more than 3 stories and more than 1 arts nearly every day. I work way more morning and afternoon hours, but I get […]

This is my first news info graphic of the semester. I know, it’s a visual masterpiece. But hey, it drives the point home, right? I wish had hours a day to create these things for news. Then maybe I would start to care about Mindy McAdams salivating over data. (I still love you, TOJ.) Previously […]



The Briana’s birthday edition: For the best part of my costume, see Sunday’s post.

Leaving work tonight, I couldn’t help but notice how cool it looked outside, especially this lone student walking down a mall full of fog. Then I realized it was Nhan. Lol.

Really, WSU?


Got this fun announcement in my news e-mail today. It reminded me of Cuba in “Jerry Maguire.”

Pretty much made my week/life.

Music Monday


I loooooooooooooooooved this song when I was little and just recently remembered its existence.

Any sushi or sashimi at Tokyo Seoul, especially the Veggie Tempura Roll and anything with mackerel or unagi. Go during non-peak hours unless you like watching plants grow while you wait for your food. Service is always good, and the food is beautifully presented. Chicken En Mole at Rancho Viejo – A major upgrade on […]


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