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You should see this movie. I’m in two criminology classes right now, and it’s making me think about crime and crime movies a lot. But when the TA talked about, “Heat,” something struck me. I wanted to see. Soon. And for the first time ever once Dom let me pick the movie! And I picked […]

I did not even have to pose him for this. He just loves me.



My mom just sent me a whole bunch of pictures of my kids from the tri, including Uziel, who just moved back recently. All the pictures made me cry. I miss these little guys. I gotta get to West Richland soon. Here’s Uzi riding horses at Janie and Levi’s.

Just sent in my first real-life job application. Something tells me this is the start of a lot of job-applying. Good thing I got a gig ’til end of summer.

A most-read post on WordPress right now: Top 10 Facts About Mail-Order Brides

He got a homemade haircut yesterday from Scar and Kelly. No picture of the final adorableness (ZOMG little sheep-pom), but here’s the work in progress.

These pamphlets are all over my desk. Don’t ask me why.

A restaurateur wrote a really interesting, well-informed criticism of a NYT criticism of her restaurant. Also, the jalapeno hush puppies served with maple butter on the right side? That sounds heavenly. Via NYT’s “If You Can’t Take the Heat, Don’t Read Me on Twitter,” another good read. Take a good look at the actual NYT […]

The big project


I spent a couple of weeks planning this special section. What do you think? Click for a link to the full-size PDF. Page 9 Page 10,11 Page 12 A time is coming when I no longer can do whatever the eff I want design-wise. So this was way too fun.


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