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Via Jezebel, inspired by this amazing must-read anti-Swift feminist rant.

My somewhat-serious New Year’s Resolution was to grow my hair out. At least medium-long, if not long. Because ever since May 2006, when I cut it chin-length, I go through cycles. I cut it too short, hate it, and swear to grow long hair again. Then my hair gets two inches past my shoulder, and […]



So gorgeous. So fun/awesome. This was Kamiak Butte with Scarlet, Kelly, Belle and Bandit. Previously in me hiking: Saddlerock leftovers, On the trail



You should see this movie. I’m in two criminology classes right now, and it’s making me think about crime and crime movies a lot. But when the TA talked about, “Heat,” something struck me. I wanted to see. Soon. And for the first time ever once Dom let me pick the movie! And I picked […]

I did not even have to pose him for this. He just loves me.



My mom just sent me a whole bunch of pictures of my kids from the tri, including Uziel, who just moved back recently. All the pictures made me cry. I miss these little guys. I gotta get to West Richland soon. Here’s Uzi riding horses at Janie and Levi’s.

Just sent in my first real-life job application. Something tells me this is the start of a lot of job-applying. Good thing I got a gig ’til end of summer.


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