People Who …


Note: Post idea came from Livit, Luvit.

People who bodysnark.

People who watch Grey’s Anatomy.

People who feel the need to “let me know” that newspapers are dying, when they’ve never paid any attention to the industry whatsoever.

People who seem like they might be the greatest boyfriend ever … and then they move to Los Angeles right after you FINALLY start seeing each other romantically … after you like each other for more than a year.

… I’ve said too much.

… to be continued.

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5 Responses to “People Who …”

  1. 1 kaci

    I watch grey’s anatomy. Wanna fight about it?

  2. 2 Rikki King

    @kaci. haha i like desperate housewives … so i probably shouldnt talk

  3. 3 LiLu


    Totally with you on Grey’s…

  4. Everyone and their brothers think they are an expert on the future of the newspaper industry. I had someone tell me that I would never get a job at a newspaper. While I was interviewing them. For the newspaper article. A newspaper who hired me.

    Journalists: 1, Idiots: 0

  1. 1 People who … « Go Go Rikki Ranger

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