Holy freaking weekend Batman!


ZOMG Krista!

The lovely Krista from Salt City Girl came to visit this weekend. We met at a journalism conference in Georgia in 2009 and stayed tight ever since.

Homegirl is solid.

It is weird because I don’t like most people and I don’t like hanging out with people for long periods of time. But she’s just cool. And WAY too similar to me in personality. It was like hanging out with myself. And I’m pretty awesome, so …

She is a super world-traveler, so I had to show her a good time in Seattle. I don’t think she flew hundreds of miles to watch “Desperate Housewives” and text boys in Spokane, which is what I usually spend my weekend doing.

So … things we did in Seattle from Saturday morning to Monday morning (deep breath): the waterfront, ferry ride to Bainbridge, seafood at Ivar’s, Space Needle and Seattle Center, Thai food, barhopping in Capitol Hill, barhopping in Ballard, Vietnamese brunch in Bellevue, the Experience Music Project, the Ballard Locks and fish ladder, and Indian food. Whew.

I’d done about half of those things before, but many not for a long time. It was cool to visit the city with a neophyte because I could get excited about touristy stuff without shame. I’m not sure if I’m going to live here forever, so I want to get the Seattle experience while I can!

It was good to get out and do a million things. Expensive, but good.

Like I said, homegirl is solid.

Pictures to come.

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2 Responses to “Holy freaking weekend Batman!”

  1. I was thinking about that brunch spot just this morning. And I want to go there sooooo baaad.

  2. It was awesome! You are super fabulous as well, lady. Thanks for making my stay so memorable and fun. Seattle (and Everett) are totally on my list of favorite places.

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