Apartment viewing, round two


Julie and I had an adventure to Arlington this weekend.

I found a place I’m tempted to rent. It’s BIG for a one-bedroom apartment, has its own washer/dryer, TWO storage-sized closets and it’s only $625 a month. (The same thing would cost $950 in south Everett.)

The only problem is it’s in Arlington, 30 minutes north of Everett. My commute would be longer, and I’d be living in a much less populated area than I’m used to.

I’m looking at places in north Everett this week. They feel more like living “in the city,” but that also means less parking, less space, more money, etc.

I’m torn. I know I want to end up in the country eventually. But I’m not sure this is the time, especially now that I’ve finally got a decent social life going here. It’d be at least 45 minutes to south county, an hour to Seattle, even though I go to Seattle only once every month or two.

Anyway, Julie and I accidentally went to the wrong place first. It was a lovely shade of pistachio, not the nice beige as seen on Craiglist. The yard was littered with cigarette butts and trash. It literally* bumped up against the water treatment plant. The “foyer” was filthy, and there were loose electrical wires hanging around.

This whole experience feels like Sex and the City. But without Sex, or the City.

The view from the not-place

*Yes, I say “literally.” It’s a disgusting habit. I blame the Kardashians.

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