Grace in Small Things


5. Mini-carts. I love mini-carts. They’re less cumbersome, and they’re cute. They make shopping for singledom feel like less of a SNL cat-lady sketch. I’m sure there’s some disgusting mass-consumer philosophy behind them that makes conglomerate corporations millions, but I love ‘em.

4. Curls Rock Curl Amplifier. Good crazy-curly hair products are hard to come by. I just got a bottle of this stuff, and it is magical. I’ve worn my hair down three times in the past week, which may in fact beat my yearly average. It circumvents all the poofiness I usually fight with homemade curlers. Read the reviews if you don’t believe me.

3. REI sleeping bag. About a year ago, someone convinced me to buy an REI sleeping bag. It is amazeballs. It set me back about $100, but it also has turned every sleepover into a cozy comfort. It doesn’t totally override the hard flatness of a floor, but it’s quite possibly the best party accessory after body glitter and pink panty droppers.

2. Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Quite possibly one of my favorite things in the entire universe, especially diner-style greasy. Melty cheap cheddar, full-sodium ham, simple white carbs … it’s a thing of beauty. I save these for special occasions, like going out or awkward dates, treasuring the indulgence more than anyone could ever know.

1. Lynsi. Aw, Ms. Lynsi. She moved to Skagit in April, and although I know she dreams of making her shabby chic neo-hippie life in Seattle, I am glad she’s here. Her presence has meant a LOT more weekend plans for me, and we’ve had some great, memoir-fodder single-gal adventures. Like UshFed. And Sawdust Overalls. And plenty of IPA and Seinfeld reruns. I heart that lady with lots of hearts.

Hot. Mess. X2.

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4 Responses to “Grace in Small Things”

  1. Dem mini-carts OP.

  2. 2 Lynsi

    Lotsa hearts back, Rikkipoo! I’m so glad to have you around! And I’m also thankful to have made the acquaintance of Sawdust Overalls.

    We should have a “Simple Life” redux reality show, North Sound edition.

  3. Love these things.
    Mostly Lynsi. And YOU of course.

    • 4 Lynsi

      … but mostly me. :-p

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