Decorating woes, round 1


I have no idea how to decorate.

Growing up, our home wasn’t so much “decorated” as “filled with crazy women.”

In college, I always had roommates who just took care of it. I even had roommates who were pretty firm that my input was not needed when it came to shared space.

After finally getting my own solo apartment almost two months ago, I had big ideas.

I didn’t want to put up my same-old posters of bands and movies. They seem so juvenile. I want a home, not a dorm room. A sense of permanency, of comfort.

Way intimidated, I left all my walls blank ever since.

It’s been unnerving. Amid all the sighs of relief from being out of my previous living situation, it still felt sterile, impersonal.

I thought about what I wanted for a long time.

My first ideas were disappointing. I couldn’t just cannibalize my sisters’ homes, past and present. I’ve been copying them my whole life in so many ways. It’s been important to me, as an adult, to break away.

My friends’ places also are intimidating. Briana is so cheerful and bright and quirky, and that all oozes into her living space. Lynsi’s apartment, like her, is muted and sophisticated, with glimpses of pop and worldliness. My friend Julie’s home is always simple and elegant, but creative and artsy with a subtle country whimsy.

What the hell am I?

I finally settled on a wannabe theme for my living room. It’s allegedly going to be feminine country shabby chic, in muted browns and pinks. I looked online for a bunch of inspiration and finally went shopping this weekend.

Wall art is not easy to find. The big-box stores are filled with bland stock options that bring to mind every non-imaginative, dislikable person you’ve ever met. (Live, laugh, love, barf, etc.)

Finally, I went to First Street in Snohomish, the antiques capital of the northwest. It was nice, for once, to go there for fun and not on assignment.

I quickly found a handful of pieces that I loved. I found even more that I LOVED but that were way out of my price range. (Ancient, giant glass calendar advertisement for an Everett lumber mill, complete with naked lounging, classy lady? Want.)

Once I started shopping, I realized I had no plan for my bathroom or bedroom. Whoops.

I also found an area rug, but no oversized centerpiece art, like I wanted. And no plants.

I still have work to do. I still need a couch.

But a little cash and a few nails later, there is a palpable difference in here.

Some warmth. Some character.

And above all, room to grow.

Room to grow!

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3 Responses to “Decorating woes, round 1”

  1. 1 Lynsi

    Yay, I can’t wait to see it! Suddenly I want wall art that says “live, laugh, love, barf.”

  2. Dat living room.

  3. I like it!
    Also, I’m glad you see fun and quirky in my wall-vomit mixture of polka dots and theatre programs. = )

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