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Like, daily


Our job is to cause a little trouble every once in a while, like, daily.” — @atompkins

This year had some rough parts for me. At work, we had a lot of changes and upheaval, and everything’s settled now, but it wasn’t for awhile. There also were some newsroom projects that took a lot of energy and resources, and enough of them in a row that it was hard to catch my […]

My freshman year at WSU, I’d walk home at night from the gym in the snow. If I’d swam, my hair would freeze. My toes, in my canvas skateboarder shoes, always froze. My iPod headphone-cords would freeze. I’d have to take off my mittens to text, to change the song. Walking back to me and […]

For the first time in a long time, LB, BriBri and I got brunch on Sunday. It was so, so good to see my girls. I have other friends, I swear, and Scarlet is my best friend for lyfe, but these ladies and I … we’re just at the same places in our lives, in […]

I’ve been on a little decorating binge. I think it was the acceptance that I’m probably living in this apartment for another year or two. And it felt … cold. I went to Ikea and got an entertainment center, a lamp and some little stuff, to add color to my bedroom. The difference is big. […]

We went to Darrington for the day. (Darrington is a small town in far northeast Sno County, about 30 miles from Arlington.) People rave about the view of Whitehorse Mountain. Sadly, on Saturday, it was obscured by clouds. The Ranger Station had a cool display. Some chick got in the picture, though. On the way […]

Current work-desk filled-up notebook pile. Previously: July 2011.

Since going to Code With Me Portland a few weeks ago, I’ve been playing around with code. (Yes, fancy pants people like Herman, I know what I’m doing is pretty basic but baby steps, guys, baby steps.) Basically, I learned enough CSS and how to use jQuery to create simple interactive elements. Emphasis on simple. […]

Nerd moment


A week or two ago, I covered a high-school scholarship ceremony. In addition to the story, I needed to run all the winners’ names and several details for each win for 42 different scholarships. I had a static PDF of names organized by the award’s name. I needed to move all the info around for […]


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