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I should have realized long before 2011 that Lynsi and I were destined to become great friends. Why? Because in spring 2009 at The Daily Evergreen, when we had adjacent desks, somehow it came up that I liked reading NYTD every week. (Even today she humors me about that addiction.) I don’t remember the exact […]

♥ Moltisanti


In season one, a main character in The Sopranos buys a newspaper from a stand to see if his name’s there. He finds it, and then takes the whole stack. Love it.

This song comes on in my car every once in awhile. It reminds me of Lisa and the Evergreen. When I was EIC in fall 2009, she sent me a care package including a CD called “Big Office Blues.” The thoughtfulness of that package, and this song in particular, have stuck with me. I like […]

My old life


I miss my old life. I spent a week in Florida and then went back to work for two days before becoming stuck-at-home sick for a week-plus. This sickness will pass, but the past seven days have consisted of repeated doctor’s office trips, FLUIDS, electric blanket, Scandal, bad movies, Secretariat the book, more books, more […]

Like, daily


Our job is to cause a little trouble every once in a while, like, daily.” — @atompkins

This year had some rough parts for me. At work, we had a lot of changes and upheaval, and everything’s settled now, but it wasn’t for awhile. There also were some newsroom projects that took a lot of energy and resources, and enough of them in a row that it was hard to catch my […]


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