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YouTube crunches my camera’s audio funky. Also, don’t mind my sister screaming in the background. (Pics to come) Bull-dogging: Bull-riding: My favorite part of the second video (besides him winning the state championships) is if you look into the first viewer box to your right of the arena sign (not the announcer’s box), in the […]

No, seriously. The loose cow that’s at the heart of this story isn’t theirs, but the steers in the pen in the B-roll are. This is a pretty honest depiction of West Richland. KNDU: “West Richland police chase cow around town.” I can’t get the video to embed, but I highly recommend watching it here.



The entire crisis of my car-shopping is expected, hope against hope, to come to a crux on Saturday. I can’t wait. It will be sentimental to leave Stella, but she’s going to live on a farm upstate. I’ve been told that it only takes three days of having a reliable car to get over your […]

This weekend was amazing. You could surmise that by listing the only places we went to in Coulee City: the rodeo grounds, the motel, the grocery store, the gas station, the coffeeshop and the bar. It was full of mud, family, ScartownUSA, beer and babies — all my favorite things!! We spent a lot of […]

Had to be, wanna be … it’s all the same shit when you gotta be.” — A drunk cowboy at the Fourth of the July party. He was talking about having to clear a steer in under 5 seconds to win lots of money back in the day at some rodeo in Colorado, but these […]

I think I’m still drunk … I should probably go to a rodeo. – J-Dubz, doing his best (good-hearted) impression of me hungover this morning


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